Donations 2022 from Geoyi.Art

I promised myself that I would donate profits from my art business to the organizations I personally care about, and you may want too. Though I have not made any money yet, it's a money-losing business. A starving artist is real, in my case.

However, by thinking, the people and hands behind these organizations that I donate to are amazing humans who try to make our world an equal, fair, and better place.  I want you to like you know that the dollars you pay will be in these wonderful people's hands. I hope this whole donation thing brings extra peace to your heart. 


I know it's not much money I'm donating now, but this list is growing. Let me know the organizations you care about, and I will research them and adjust my list in 2023.

Geoyi.Art (under Zhuangfang Yi) Donations 2022 

  1. Brave Like Gabe,, $225;
  2. Doctor Without Borders,, $60 monthly
  3., $10.07 monthly
  4. GitHub Free and open source geospatial developers, $10 monthly since Oct 2021
  5. The rest are one-time donations.

Up to Jan. 2023, a total of $1095.21 was donated!